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  1. Caol Schneider says:

    Is it still p ossible to obtain a copy of “Angell Memorial Guide to Animal First Aid: Cat CAre Booklet ? If so how may I do so?

    Carol Schneider

  2. Can these posters be purchased?

  3. Melissa Buller says:

    I would like to purchase a poster too. Is that possible?

  4. The MSPCA Angell has an archive which allows you to consult these early documents, but I don’t believe that they have any for purchase.

    As for the posters, you can sometimes find them at auctions.

  5. i have a 1924 essay competition badge,the one on top of tbis page, going to put it on ebay, would it be worth my time?

  6. The non profit animal clinic that my family is involved with, in Boston, has original posters from 1934, 36 and 38. I found a box that was never opened of the “calling all animals”. In perfect condition. Do you think they are worth anything?

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