For Teachers and Parents

As a part of “Be Kind: A Visual History of Humane Education, 1880 – 1945”, we’ve created a week’s worth of lesson plans and educational activities based on the Be Kind to Animals Week® featured in the exhibition.

Be Kind to Animals Week® was launched as a project of the American Humane Association in 1915 and was adopted by youth organizations, schools, and religious institutions across the continent. This humane celebration and awareness campaign usually takes place the second week in May, but any week is a good week to be kind to animals! For the classroom, home or after school care program, choose to implement just a few or more of the ideas included within the curriculum. Adapt it to fit your and your students’ needs, abilities, interests, and schedules.

Be Kind To Animals Week® Curriculum


  1. […] Exhibition,” will take you on a tour of the early humane education movement. “For Teachers & Parents” includes curriculum and lesson planning ideas, and the “Timeline” gives a brief […]

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