AHES Membership Form

This form was on the back page of a brochure published by the American Humane Education Society (AHES) in the 1920s. The brochure–simply entitled “What Is The American Humane Education Society?” was compiled by then President Francis Rowley. It gave a history of the AHES, describing how the Society was founded by George T. Angell in 1889 with the mission of “carrying humane education into all our American schools and homes, aiding humane societies, and founding Bands of Mercy over the whole American continent.” In addition to work in the USA, this brochure notes that the AHES had representatives in a range of other countries world-wide, including: Australia, China, Cuba, France, Guatemala, Jamaica, Japan, New Zealand, Syria, and Turkey. There is also discussion of the publications–including Our Dumb Animals–of the AHES as well as the Band of Mercy work undertaken by the Society

On the back of this brochure is the membership form, where one could become an “Active Life” member for as much as $100 or could take out a Children’s membership for $1. Members automatically received a subscription to Our Dumb Animals, but with an additional $5 donation could receive extra copies to share with others. Our Dumb Animals was an attractive and popular publication and no doubt it was hoped that this additional incentive would help raise money for the AHES. As Francis Rowley noted in this publication, “To give for Humane Education is to give for the very salvation of the nation.”

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