Posters advertising Be Kind to Animals Week® were used and distributed throughout the United States. Most of the posters used during this era featured scenes of young children interacting with dogs or cats.

The poster below was published by the American Humane Association (AHA) and the American Red Star Animal Relief, a branch of the AHA focusing on providing assistance to animals in wartime. The addition of the phrase “This Week and Every Week” serves as an important reminder that the spirit of compassion towards other species should be practiced 365 days of the year.

Be Kind to Animals Week® poster. c.1930s/1940s. Collection of Robert Penney.

The next example features artwork from a graphic artist known only as “Edwina.” This is a loving, sentimental image of a young girl embracing a dog an cat. She is sitting on the step in front of a house, and these are her beloved pets. In images like this kindness and compassion are portrayed as being an important part of a domestic environment.

Be Kind to Animals Week® poster featuring artwork by “Edwina.” 1940s. Collection of Robert Penney.

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  1. Victoria Davis says:

    How may I attain a poster like the 2 that are shown.

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